Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

What are the treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Treatments for Chronic Fatigue. Therefore is no approved cure or treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, but you may be able to treat or control some of its symptoms.

George Pegios - What are the treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome?
George Pegios – What are the treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome?

You, your family, and your healthcare provider must work together to decide on a plan. That is to say You need to find out which symptom is causing the most of your problems and try to treat it first. However For example, if sleeping problems affect you more, you should first try to have good sleep habits. For example If that doesn’t help, you may need to take medicine or see a sleep specialist.

It can also help to learn new ways of doing things. Above all Try not to go overboard. Firstly This can happen when you feel better, do too much, and then get worse again. Secondly Since the process of developing a treatment plan and worrying about your self-care. In addition Can be difficult if you have chronic fatigue syndrome. Meanwhile It is important to have the support of family and friends. Don’t try any new treatment without talking to your healthcare provider. Subsequently Some treatments. That are touted as cures for the syndrome are unproven. Are often expensive, and could be dangerous.

George Pegios – Best Treatment

George Pegios - Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
George Pegios – Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Based on scientific evidence. If a personalized and continuous multidisciplinary. Treatment is applied. The impact of the disease. And the quality of life of the person. Can be partially improved.

There is no drug that has shown a significant improvement over the fatigue symptom. In conclusion. In fact pharmacological treatment. Is aimed at treating symptoms. And must be combined. Individualized and supervised.

Pain. If the person needs it. The first-line analgesic treatment (paracetamol, ibuprofen). Should be. Combined with other second-line. Treatments (tramadol, oxycodone). Pain reliever enhancers such as gabapentin or pregabalin can be used.

Insomnia. It can be. Treated with sleep regulators. Like melatonin. Use of benzodiazepines. Should be avoided.

consequently Mood. Antidepressants. Should be used only if the patient. Has depressive symptoms. However In the case of anxiety or agoraphobia. Low doses. Of alprazolam or neuroleptics.

For example Muscle contractures. Magnesium, cyclobenzaprine or exceptionally, baclofen can be used

Infection. In the event that it is bacterial, it must be treated quickly with antibiotics. To sum up If viral, symptoms should be treated.

Neurocognitive involvement. Above all It has been. Proposed to use parenteral cycles. Meanwhile Of folic acid and vitamin B12. With a low degree of effectiveness

George Pegios - Drugs That May Worsen Chronic Fatigue
George Pegios – Drugs That May Worsen Chronic Fatigue

GP– Drugs That May Worsen Chronic Fatigue

-Non-pharmacological treatment
Exercise. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome usually have very little activity. In addition A fact that triggers disuse and muscle atrophy. And worsens the clinical picture even more.

Doing aerobic physical exercise. In short guidelines adapted to each person. Improves the overall symptomatology of the syndrome. Little by little. You can try to increase the intensity. In conclusion But without exerting yourself that can make the disease worse.

Emotional Support. Chronic fatigue syndrome has many consequences for a patient. In short Such as feelings of anger, fear, hopelessness, depression or anxiety.