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George Pegios Personal Website on Hypnosis. George is a skilled doctor with many years of experience in pain relief. Therefore If you look at his past experience you’ll see that not only has he helped numerous amount of patients. That is to say With their dental problems but also with the pain problems. However One of the greatest advantages of George Pegios is is overall knowledge how it works.

Many people in dentistry and pain relief. Above all Don’t have the same knowledge that George Pegios does. For example Please keep on reading this article for more insight on what he does and how he’s done it take care.

George Pegios - Pain Healing

 The Doctor of Pain Healing!

George is an expert in the use and application of Hypnosis. Firstly Clinical hypnosis and neurolinguistics programming knowledge. Secondly he is currently a Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. George Pegios has over 10 years of experience. Using these methods in his patients to help them inhibit chronic pain.

We live in an overly critical society. We spend our lives judging each other by our actions. Meanwhile As if we consider that we have the gift of deciding what is the right attitude.

As a procedure by which a clinical psychologist suggests to a person. Likewise To experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviors. Through the belief of a supposed past life. The latter concept accepted in various cultures and religions.

The use of hypnosis therapy. In the treatment of various psychiatric disorders, including depressive disorders, has been recognized
This effectiveness is found in all the clinical variables. That have been studied and analyzed: anxiety, depressive neurosis or major depression.

Knowing how the subconscious works can help us. Understand why regressive hypnosis is effective for depression. And the underlying causes of depression.

Under the sensory focus state that characterizes regressive hypnosis. A person can focus his attention on a thought, a sensation, a feeling or a memory. Managing to modify the perceptions if he wishes. Dr. George Pegios.

In the state of deep psychic and physical relaxation. (Distinctive of hypnosis), it is also possible to modify behaviors and emotions. But The usefulness of regressive hypnosis for depression. It should be noted, first of all. That we are referring to clinical hypnosis recognized. By the entire scientific and medical world.

George Pegios - The Pain Relieve Specialist
George Pegios
George Pegios

In psychotherapies to treat depression. Clinical hypnosis is of great help to complement and enhance the therapy itself.

In these cases. Regressive hypnosis focuses on leading the patient to eliminate negative thinking. Certainly To replace them with positive and optimistic thoughts.

In addition, the patient is led to learn to use all the psychological resources available to him. To achieve the goal of overcoming depression and problems in general.


Anxiety and depression

Confidence and self-esteem

Irritable bowel syndrome

Gag Reflex (Dentistry)

Chronic and acute pain

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

Headaches and migraines

Shorten recovery times from surgery and injuries

Addictions and Dependency

Improves the results of surgery


George Pegios How exactly does hypnosis work?

It is no longer a resource for illusionists. To become an especially useful tool for therapists. We analyze your practice.
These past few years have been especially tough on our mental health. More cases of depression, stress, anxiety and now that we are starting to get out of the crisis. To clarify Our goal is not only to improve our English to find a better job. It is also to feel better about ourselves and leave certain habits that are really toxic for our health.
George Pegios Personal Website on Hypnosis. That is why perhaps this new year. You have considered solving all those problems that you have been putting off for some time. That is to say Perhaps because you do not know how to address them or because deep down. You did not feel strong enough to handle them.
Perhaps browsing the internet you have thought that perhaps undergoing hypnosis. As a result Could be the solution you were looking for. Even if it is to finally stop smoking this year
A tool within therapy
Hypnosis therapies are more common than it sounds. If the cinema has made us relate them to the resolution of complex police cases. Most importantly The truth is that hypnosis can serve to solve much more mundane problems.
Thus, Teresa García explains that, in her consultation. It is a treatment offered for problems such as phobias. Self-esteem problems, stress, depression and yes, also to quit smoking.
“It is even applicable in cases such as chronic pain. Surgical interventions and palliative care”. And it is that in terms of physical pain. Similarly “it is possible to intervene at the level of pain perception”.
George Pegios - Hypnosis for Anxiety
Clarifying some ideas about clinical hypnosis
For many decades, hypnosis has been associated with the esoteric world. Moreover With circus activities and even, thanks to cinema and television. with espionage. In addition For these reasons there are erroneous, distorted beliefs and great myths about hypnosis.
In other words We must not forget that pain is processed in the brain. During It is perceived as such when the brain interprets that stimulus as pain. In short What we achieve with hypnosis. Similarly, Is to modify certain aspects of the pain experience. Which has different dimensions. Pain is sensation, it is affection, it is emotion, and it is also evaluation.
Hypnosis Technique
With the hypnosis technique. What is sought is to modify some of these dimensions of pain, and that, for example. The sensation of pain is perceived differently and. In conclusion Instead of noticing a very strong burning sensation.
George Pegios Personal Website on Hypnosis.
However, that the patient feels it softer. Or instead of feeling hot, feel cool; or even decrease the extent of that pain.